Q.What kind of facilities is offered by Vodafone MMS Access service?

A.Vodafone MMS Access offers customers the following functionalities: 1. Customers with non MMS handsets can visualize on the web the MMS messages received. 2. If low quality MMS messages are received, customers with MMS handsets could visualize them on the web at the proper quality. 3. Response to MMS messages received.

Q.How can the MMS messages received be visualized?

A.In order to visualize the received MMS a user must access his/her account using his/her phone number and password.

Q.Is the password unique?

A.The same password is available as long as the account is active.

Q.How long is an account available?

A.365 days

Q.What does it mean a credit is offered for each received message?

A.The user gets a credit for each message received. The credit allows user to respond to the received message or to send a MMS to other recipient.

Q.How many receivers can be reached sending one MMS message?

A.If the existing credit permits, one MMS message can be sent up to 10 receivers.

Q.Which is the maximum size of a MMS message?

A.The MMS messages sent, using Reply and Forward buttons, are up to 100KB.

Q.What type of files can be attached to a MMS message?

A.Text, audio or video files can be attached to a received/sent MMS. The most frequently used are: .TXT; .AMR, .WAV, .MIDI; .GIF, .JPG, .XBMP, .PNG; .3GP, .MP4, .AVI.

Q.How long a MMS message is available?

A.The message received is available for 30 days.

Q.How many times, the password can be requested during a day?

A.The password can be requested up to 3 times, a day. If the password is asked more times, an automatic response is generated, indicating the limitation.

Q.What does it happen if the receiver's address is not valid?

A.The MMS messages will be no longer sent and a warning message is received, indicating that the message wasn't sent.

Q.Which are the functionalities offered by the Reply button?

A.The Reply function is intended to be a simplified compose tool, which offers users the possibility to reply with a MMS, if he has credit, by uploading a single media object whatever the type (image, audio or video).

Q.How can a user listen/visualize an audio or video file attached in a MMS message?

A.The audio and video files can be listened/visualized using an audio or video player.

Q.How long can a user be logged in?

A.A new log in is necessary after 30 minutes.

Q.Is there any charge associated to message visualization?

A.A MMS message can be visualized free of charge. Only the data traffic used for Internet access is subject to charging.